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St. Louis LawyersSt. Louis attorneys help clients throughout Missouri and many even are licensed to practice law in Illinois. Many people who need legal assistance prefer to retain a lawyer closer to the location of their home or office. A local attorney brings certain advantages that are simply not present from those who do not live in your community.

St. Louis Attorney Alphabetical Directory

 St. Louis Attorneys  Phone Number  Legal Practice Areas
  Avioli Law  314-542-9999  Personal Injury, Family Law, Criminal Defense
  Betz Law Firm  314-801-8488  Divorce LawFamily LawChild Custody
  Burkett Law Firm  314-549-5999  Social Security
  Andrew Drazen  314-322-8515  Personal Injury, Auto Accidents
  Bruce Eastman  314-921-2100  Family Law, Child Custody, Social Security
  Timothy Farrell  636-397-2600  Family Law
  Grace Fishel  314-878-0440  Intellectual Property
  Gil Gherardini  314-880-2042  Work Comp, Med Mal, Car Accident
  Richard Hein  314-645-7900  Work Comp, Immigration Law
  Timothy Hill  314-421-8000  Personal Injury, Work Comp, Wrongful Death
  James Hoffmann  314-361-4300  Work Comp, Personal Injury
  The Hoffmann Law Firm  314-361-4242  Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, Personal Injury
  Lenny Kagan  314-227-1978  Criminal Defense, DWI
  Keefe & Griffiths  314-241-7243  Workers Compensation
  Stephanie Kennedy  314-921-2100  Family Law, Divorce Law
  Alexandra Kohlfield  314-322-8515  Family Law, Divorce Law
  Millikan Wright  314-272-3368  Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice
  Joseph Morrison  314-Injured  Personal Injury, Wrongful Death
  Regis Mullen  314-Injured  Personal Injury, Wrongful Death
  Shane Mullen  314-Injured  Auto Accidents, Personal Injury
  Myers Law  314-863-5353  Divorce Law, Juvenile Law
  Rick Nelson  314-862-1444  Personal Injury
  Margaret O’Hare  314-209-7263  Immigration Law
  Page Law  314-Page-Law  Auto Accidents, Personal Injury
  Perron Law Firm  314-993-4261  Medical Malpractice, Employment
  Rachel Roman  314-588-7200  Nursing Home Abuse, Product Liability
  Cathy Steele  314-727-7551  Family, Wills and Trusts
 Jessica Wagner  314-322-8515  Family Law, Divorce Law
  Brad Wilmoth  314-322-8515  Personal Injury, Auto Accidents
  Eric Wolfgram  314-880-2037  Auto Accidents, Work Comp, Med Mal
  Kurt Wolfgram  314-880-2041  Auto Accidents, Work Comp, Med Mal

Naturally, you’ll want to hire an attorney who has the right experience for your needs, holds a stellar reputation and works with you to explain all the legal ramifications of your current situation.When it comes to real estate law and investments, having a local attorney as your legal representation offers distinct advantages that work for you in all types of situations. From legal advice about what next steps to take to representing you in court, there are strong benefits to hiring a local STL attorney.

St. Louis Attorneys

Fast Response: When you need assistance, they are just around the corner ready to set up a quick office appointment or talk to you over the phone. The reputable local attorneys make time for their clients, even if it’s only a few minutes, because they understand their reputation lies in strong part on their relationship with those they serve.

Extensive Knowledge of Local Laws: Every locality has its own unique set of laws which means that what applies in your community may not be so in another. In addition, understanding the mixture of state and local laws is very important as they can vary from county to county. When it comes to real estate law for example, the zoning laws may be quite complex. Thus, local knowledge is paramount when selecting an attorney.

Know the Local Courts and Attorneys: Those who have worked with and against other lawyers in the community offer a decided advantage when it comes to knowing their tendencies. Plus, each court operates in its own unique way which means that a local attorney familiar with the courts will have an advantage over those who come in from the outside. To know many of the court personnel and those in the system personally offers advantages that outside attorneys simply do not possess.