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Myers Law, LLC    The goal of Myers Law, LLC is to provide competent, compassionate, and honest legal representation to every client. When a person or business requires legal counsel, it is naturally stressful. There seems to be many more questions than answers and there are real fears about the unknown in the legal process. We pride ourselves in being forthright about your legal situation and guiding you to the best possible legal avenue.

There are many different aspects of Juvenile Law.  Our firm represents parents as well as minor children when there are allegations of abuse or neglect which are being pursued by the State of Missouri.  These types of action are generally initiated by someone making a “hot line” call to the Missouri Division of Children’s Services.  An investigation is conducted by a Children’s Division worker who then must make a determination as to the validity of the allegation and decide whether it is in the child’s best interest to immediately remove him/her from the home.  Thereafter the case is screened for formal court involvement.  If sufficient evidence is found, the case is pursued by filing a formal petition in the Juvenile Court.

Because we are knowledgeable and experienced, we can help guide you to a fair and reasonable outcome to your case. Whether you have a personal injury or civil matter, family matter, juvenile matter, or you are looking for a divorce attorney in St. Louis or the surrounding areas, you can be certain that we can meet all of your needs.

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