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If you, a family member or loved one have legal concerns or questions about your rights in regards to mesothelioma, asbestosis, or other asbestos related illnesses, contact an asbestos attorney in St. Louis. Asbestos is the mineral that occurs naturally in the form of sturdy flexible fiber and this asbestos can be made as thread and thin sheet. Its usage started as early the 1800s. Commercially it became popular in cement,  roof materials, flooring materials, in textiles, insulation and brake linings.  But in the 2nd world war its usage grew and millions of people were forced to inhale asbestos.  The people handling and exposing asbestos developed the disease years after encountering it. It was only in the late 1900 that people developed symptoms of this disease.

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Though it is known to all, the manufacturers related to asbestos products engaged people to work in asbestos. This put them at risk and catch the disease. In fact, many St. Louis schools had to have asbestos removed. Studies about Asbestos have been established it as a human carcinogen and any form of contact with it particularly inhaling may cause the tumor.

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Most of the companies manufacturing various products by asbestos hid this information and explaining their products are safe for use.  But only after 1970, the acceptable limit of exposure came to known to people who are engaged in this field of work.

Asbestos Attorney St. Louis

Mesothelioma is more common in men than women.  It is more prevalent between the age of 60 and 70 than between 30 and 40 years of age. The studies so far shows that the mesothelioma prevalence is equal in number to incidence and it is very sad to say that the survival rate is very low in mesothelioma.

The estimations so far made indicates that the mesothelioma cases will emerge as a deadly disease and will affect millions of people in the world. It also indicates that millions and millions of people will be at higher risk of this disease. This estimation strongly deliver information that only after next 25 years, millions of people will die of this disease and it is because of its nature of developing the symptoms only after several years and there are studies which ensures that people who had constant exposure to asbestos in the year between 1940 to 1950 may not have any symptoms even to day and it takes many more years to establish the symptom and development of the disease.

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