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If you are looking for a St Louis attorney for assistance in your legal matter, you have come to the right place.  Since 1999, we have been aligning people with local attorneys and law firms in the metro area via our alphabetical directory, geographic locations, and/or by allowing them to search via specific legal practice areas. Simply put, is a tool that helps people search attorneys, lawyers, and law firms in the St Louis area. This site is made possible thanks to the support of the Saint Louis attorneys and lawyers that advertise us. If you have legal questions, please consider contacting them. The choice of hiring an attorney is an important one. Like most things in life, your choice shouldn't be based on advertising alone.

St Louis Attorneys

Find a Saint Louis attorney or law firms to help you with your legal needs by searching in popular legal practice areas.

St Louis Personal Injury Attorneys          St Louis Divorce Attorneys                    St Louis Criminal Defense Attorneys

St Louis Child Custody Attorneys            St Louis Social Security Attorneys        St Louis DWI Attorneys

St Louis Immigration Attorneys                St Louis Auto Accident Attorneys         St Louis Work Comp Attorneys

St Louis Probate Attorney                        St Louis Medical Malpractice                St Louis Estate Planning Attorney

St Louis Truck Accident Attorney             St Louis Juvenile Attorney                    St Louis Business Attorney

St Louis Family Law Attorney                  St Louis Trademark Attorney                 St Louis Wills and Trusts

Some St Louis lawyers concentrate their practice in 
divorce law while others specialize in real estate. When looking for lawyers, you should choose one that has expertise in your needs. For example, if you are looking for someone to defend you in court, you should hire a STL defense attorney. If you are looking for someone to help with family matters such as custody, a divorce lawyer will be more suited to your needs. Try finding all of the lawyers (or a short list of them) in your area that caters specifically to your needs.

STL LawyersCosts & Value: The cost and the value of a STL attorney can be represented by the price that he or she charges as well as the services he or she offers for that price. Look closely at any contracts, take the retainer into consideration and ask about any additional charges. Some lawyers charge a simple per hour charge while others add on additional rates for added services. You should also be aware that some lawyers will charge more for different cases and some will refuse to perform certain services (I.E. many lawyers in St Louis do not handle custody cases). You should determine the cost of the lawyer and you should attempt to get a final quote or estimated price for the entire case. You can also consider finding a lawyer who will allow you to pay your fees off in payments rather than all at once. Another consideration is the value of the lawyer. A younger lawyer is more likely to be cheaper and easier to afford but will have less experience in winning cases than an older lawyer. It is your choice which way (or if you want a middle ground) that you want to go.

If you're starting a new business then hiring an attorney could be one of the best things you could do for yourself. While you shouldn't consider an attorney if you don't have the capital or budget for it, a good representative can otherwise greatly benefit you as a business.  

Legal Advice: If you're like most entrepreneurs Read More

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